Baby’s  Birthday!

This post probably doesn’t make much sense.  I have so much to say, but don’t even know how to begin! It doesn’t help that my iPad would let me look at what I was typing for some reason! March 28th, 2016- one of the best days of my life.

Monday, Sean and I arrived at the hospital at 7am for my scheduled induction.  I told my intended parents to take their time getting there. I knew it would be a while before things started happening, and figured they would enjoy being able to sleep in, or rest up a bit before they officially became parents. 
The nurse checked my cervix- I was still only 2cm dialated. Also, the doctor did a quick ultrasound to make sure baby was still head down.  Thankfully, although she was still pretty high up, she was head down! All morning long, I was given fluids, antibiotics (I tested positive for group b strep), and Pitocin through my IV. I was having contractions, but nothing consistent. By afternoon, even with the high dose of Pitocin, I was still only 3cm dialated. The doctor decided to break my water. I was warned that the contractions would probably get very intense, very quickly after they broke my water from the high dose of Pitocin.

About 30 minutes after breaking my water, my contractions were getting stronger, so I decided to get an epidural. It took a little while for it to fully work, but it was well worth it. I was soon 6cm dialated!  Sean and the intended father ran to Chipotle to grab a quick dinner.  Luckily, they weren’t gone long, because I very quickly became 8cm dialated. My epidural also stopped working.  The nurse called the anesthesiologist, but she was with another patient.  By the time she arrived, it was too late, and I was waiting to push!

My doctor arrived just as I was getting ready to start pushing.  After pushing through a few contractions, I suddenly had nurses and doctors pushing on my stomach. The baby’s shoulder was stuck on my pelvis.  I continued to push while the nurses and doctors tried to move the baby. Finally, after what seemed like forever (and ended up only being about 15 minutes) a beautiful baby girl was placed on my stomach.  Her father cut the cord, and she was moved over to the warming bed to be monitored and cleaned.The parents then took her to their room so they could do skin to skin, and I could deliver the ugly twin (my placenta).  It didn’t want to come out.  I had the same problem with my first pregnancy, which ended in a whole lot of blood loss. After massaging my stomach for about 20 minutes, it finally decided to come out.  The doctor stitched me up,and I was finally able to breath a sigh of relief.

Baby was 8lbs. 15oz. and 20 inches long. She is healthy and perfect in every way.  I don’t even know how to put into words the joy and excitement I have for their family. My IP’s (intended parents) are now P’s, and I did that!  They are so in love with her. She already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. My mom brought my kids to meet the baby, but they were more interested in the cool hospital bed! 

I was discharged on Tuesday, about 24 hours after the birth. Baby and her parents stayed until Thursday morning.  Once they were discharged, they stopped by my house to pick up the milk I had pumped. (I plan on pumping and shipping them milk for a few months). I hate that they aren’t local, but I’m looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon!

  The day before induction.  Easter- 39 weeks pregnant.   



   Baby cuddles!
    Sean and Baby

38 weeks pregnant

At last weeks appointment, with baby still in the breech position, we scheduled a version and/or c-section for March 28th (39 weeks).  The plan was to get an epidural, attempt to move baby into position and induce.  If that didn’t work, we would do a c-section.

 I have been trying everything to get her to move head down.  Swimming, downward dog, rocking while on my hands and knees, even playing music and shining a flash light near my crotch as advised by my Google search. Friday night, shortly after I went to bed, baby started moving a lot. I completely froze.  The next day, I thought I still felt her head upright. Well, I must have been wrong, because today’s ultrasound showed a baby head down!!!!   Woo! I’m really hoping she stays put! 

There is still a risk that she will move again, and I am also at a higher risk of still needing a c-section.  The doctor said because it took her a while to move down, she may  have an issue being delivered,  such as the cord around her chest. But, as of right now, we are looking at just being induced in a week instead of any other craziness.  I’m keeping all fingers and toes crossed that I don’t need major surgery, and a big, healthy baby pops out easily!  


36 Weeks Pregnant

My rib is feeling much better. It’s still sore, but not nearly as bad as it was 2 weeks ago. My cough is also almost completely gone too. Now I’m just getting the normal “pregnancy uncomfortable”.

Today we had our 36 week appointment. Unfortunately, my Intended Mother is home sick, but my Intended Father was able to come in for the appointment.

We had a growth ultrasound.  Baby was measuring small in the beginning of the pregnancy. She ended up catching up, and now is being an over achiever. She is currently measuring almost 7 1/2 pounds with a month to go.  I guess I grow them big! Everything looks great, except for one thing- She is currently transverse (sideways).  Considering both of my kids were head down when they needed to be, the doctor thinks there may be a reason she’s not, such as the umbilical cord acting like a bungee cord and preventing her from turning.  There is a small chance she will move on her own, but she’s quickly running out of room. We will do another ultrasound in 2 weeks to see if she was able to move. If not, we will schedule a c-section for 39 weeks.  The doctor mentioned the option of doing an epidural and trying to move her into position at 39 weeks.  If it works,  they would continue with inducing me. If it doesn’t work, we would do an emergency c-section. It can be stressful for baby, so I’ll let my IP’s decide if it’s something they would want to try. I also had my group b strep test today, and I’m currently about 1 1/2- 2 centimeters dialated.

  I am really hoping for a vaginal delivery.  It would stink to have major surgery (for obvious reasons) but I would also need to find childcare for my kids while I recover.  Normally, people have visitors, and husbands to help the first week, but being a surrogate, I wasn’t planning on having Sean take off any extra time except for the delivery. Fingers crossed this not so small girl finds her way to the light! 

34 Weeks Pregnant with Big Foot

Yesterday I experienced some of the worst pain I’ve ever felt. I’m pretty sure labor is more comfortable. 

For the last month I’ve been sick.  First, with a terrible cough, then a cold. Now, I think the cold is turning into a sinus infection.  About a week ago, my right rib cage started to hurt.  I assume from all the coughing and sneezing, I bruised it. The pain has been getting worse over the last few days.  Yesterday, a cough, sneeze, or gigantic baby foot caused me to dislocate a rib. Awful pain! There’s not much you can do for a rib injury- especially when you’re pregnant.  My doctor prescribed Flexiril incase the pain gets really bad again, or it pops out again. I’m really sore, but much better than I was yesterday. It will take weeks to heal completely. Hoping baby is kind and doesn’t kick the area too much!  

This week, baby is measuring perfectly again.  Her heartbeat was 144. My Intended parents are coming in 2 weeks for our last ultrasound. I hate having to tell my IM that I’m not feeling well, but I also want to be honest with her.  I don’t want them worrying about me or baby. Sean and I will appear in court on Friday to get all the legal stuff finalized.  6 weeks to go!  I really hope I heal quickly, and am feeling 100% for d-day! 

Single digit weeks left! 

We are 8 weeks away from our due date, and everything is going great! Well, except for my awful cough that makes me pee my pants.  The doctor told me today  I’ll probably have it for the remainder of my pregnancy. Not fun! 

I am seeing my OB every 2 weeks now.  I’ve been measuring right on track at each appointment. We also had our birth plan meeting with our intended parents and case manager. My plan is pretty simple- go to the hospital, get an epidural (if time allows),  have someone catch the baby as she pops out, and hand her over to her parents.  Nothing fancy, and straight to the point.  If everything goes to plan (does it ever?!), we hope that our intended parents are here for the birth, and in the room with me and my husband. The intended parents plan on cutting the cord, and hopefully they can do skin to skin soon after that. I also plan on pumping breastmilk right away, and hopefully will continue for a few months. 

We also have our court date set for later this month.  Intended parents, Sean and myself will have to appear in court to insure the parents have the right to make decisions for baby after birth, and to make sure their names go on the birth certificate.

We are so close to the big day! Everyone is getting so excited! Hoping for smooth sailing these last couple of months!  

  My kids love to hug and kiss my belly.  They are getting excited for the big day too!  

28 Weeks

A few months ago, we found out all of the doctors at our OB/GYN office were leaving and starting their own practice.  They just opened their new practice a week ago, so I assumed there would be some craziness and confusion, but 15 minutes before my appointment today, I received a phone call saying I would need to reschedule my appointment because they didn’t have the ultrasound equipment ready yet.  I wouldn’t have minded too much, except I was already in the parking lot, oh, and my intended mother and her mom just drove all the way here for our appointment. IM drove almost 7 hours, and her mom drove 5. I explained to the girl that we needed an ultrasound today as they were leaving to go back home in a few hours, and that’s why they came today.  Luckily, an ultrasound tech was in the office setting up the equipment. Although the equipment wasn’t hooked up to their computer system yet, She was able to do the ultrasound and print off plenty of pictures. 

Baby is still a girl. Woo! The entire pregnancy she has measured small, but today, she measured 2 days ahead of our due date! She’s 2lbs, 11oz. Everything looks great! She was breech today, but it’s still early, and she’s still flipping around in there, so we aren’t concerned about that yet. Grandma and mom were very excited to see their little girl moving around. 

With 12 weeks to go, I will start to see the doctor every 2 weeks. I’m already a bit uncomfortable and tired.  The muscles at the top of my stomach feel like they are tearing by the end of the day- something I never had with my own pregnancies. I also starting taking Zantac for some pretty lovely heartburn. My intended parents got me a super comfortable robe, and baby’s grandma bought me really comfy slippers. They are so sweet! 

We have a Birth Plan meeting in a few weeks with our case manager.  My plan is pretty simple- Arrive at the hospital, hopefully have time for some drugs, and push out a baby.  I really don’t care about anything else, and I let the parents know they are more than welcome to do whatever they feel comfortable with (watch, hold a leg, cut cord, pass out in a corner, run out of the room after poking their eyes out, etc…). I just want it to be the experience they envisioned. I keep having thoughts that they won’t make it in time for the birth.  I really hope that doesn’t happen!    We talked about the possibility of induction once I’m considered full term, to hopefully be able to plan a bit more.  I guess we will find out in less than 12 weeks!  


24 week appointment 

Today was my 24 week doctors appointment. I had my blood glucose test- one of my least favorite parts of pregnancy.  An hour before my appointment, I downed a small bottle of very sweet Glucola.  It tastes like sweet, flat orange soda, and it always makes me want to puke (I don’t drink a lot of sugary stuff). An hour after drinking the Glucola, I had a blood draw. Well, I was supposed to have a blood draw, but the very new nurse couldn’t figure it out.  When she left the needle in my arm to find help, I almost passed out. Eventually, an experienced nurse came to draw my blood with no problem.  

My appointment with the doctor was very brief. I have a bump on the upper part of my stomach that hurts, and progressively gets worse throughout the day. The doctor told me it is a pulled muscle.  Not much I can do for it, but being on my feet chasing Liam all day isn’t helping.  Oh, well! Just hoping it doesn’t get any worse. 

Other than the pulled muscle, I’m feeling ok.  Just really tired and my ankles have been slightly swelling by the end of the day. My intended mother and her mom plan on coming to our appointment next month.  I can’t wait to see them!  

*update- I passed my glucose test.  No gestational diabetes for me! 🍰🍩🍪🍭🍦


20 Week Gender Reveal! 

I am 20 weeks pregnant today- half way there! My intended parents came for our doctors appointment and we also toured the hospital.

The ultrasound showed that my bleed is gone. Baby is about 11oz. and everything looks great! SHE looks really healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes! My instinct was right, they are expecting a little girl! It was a very exciting and emotional time! I’m so happy they were able to be here for it! 

Right after our appointment, we headed to Target to pick out a gender specific item for baby from each of us. I chose a little pair of pink shoes, and mom and dad each picked out a coat for their baby. It was really cute to see them wandering around the store now that they knew the sex of baby. 

From there, we headed to the hospital for our tour. We had a quick lunch in the cafeteria before heading up to the birthing center.  The floor brought back lots of memories from when I had Liam. The nurse and social worker answered lots of questions for the parents to be. To make the whole process smooth, we will have to have all legal paperwork taken care of before I go into labor. That way, the parents can make all decisions for their baby, have the baby in their room, and discharge baby with no issues. 

I think this last half of pregnancy is going to go quick!  I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am for them! They are so ecstatic!  Yay! 

18 Weeks

We are 2 weeks away from the half way point, and finding out the gender of this little monkey, and I’m finally feeling great!  I decided to wean myself off of diclegis (morning sickness medication) a couple of weeks ago. At the same time, I ended up having a horrible cold.  As soon as that miserable week was over, I felt like my normal, not vomity self again!

 My belly is starting to look less like a food baby, and more like a real pregnant belly! 

My intended parents will be here in 2 weeks for our gender ultrasound.  I’m getting really excited! We have all thought baby was a girl from the beginning. Stay tuned for the big news in 2 weeks! 


16 Weeks Pregnant

I’m 16 weeks pregnant! I’m feeling much better than I was, but I’m still taking diclegis once a day for my morning sickness.  I tried stopping it last week, and felt awful. I’m going to try again this week and see what happens!

I had an ultrasound today to check on my SCH.  The bleed is still there, but the doctor didn’t seem too concerned. Everything else looked really good. Baby’s heartbeat was 137. 

Our next appointment is in a month, at 20 weeks.  I’m excited that my intended parents will be here with me to find out the gender!  We will also take a tour of the hospital while they are here.  Yay!

Baby didn’t want to cooperate today.  He/She was curled in a little ball napping.  It did wave “hi” to mom and dad via FaceTime!